Fourth Annual Report on Quarry Reclamation

On June 26, 2012, the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors approved the 2012 Reclamation Plan Amendment (referred to as RPA) for the Quarry. RPA Condition of Approval #8 requires that the County prepare an Annual Report summarizing compliance with the RPA and the associated conditions of approval.
This is the fourth Lehigh Permanente Quarry RPA Annual Report (AR4) and provides public documentation of Quarry compliance for the monitoring period 2015-2016. Section 1 provides an introduction and overview of the content of AR4. A description of current operations at the Quarry is provided in Section 2. Section 3 provides a summary of compliance with the conditions of approval, with additional information regarding compliance (aerials, maps, site inspection information, and technical reports) provided in Appendices A through E. Lehigh is currently in compliance with the 2012 Reclamation Plan Conditions of Approval and Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program. Documentation of condition of approval compliance, as well as the previous annual reports, can be found on the County’s website at

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1 thought on “Fourth Annual Report on Quarry Reclamation

  1. Hello,

    Lehigh Southwest Cemnt and Quarry want to put in a treatment plant and are going to put in an application to do so this year. We need to stop this the pollution from the chemicals they are going to use as they are a great problem.

    Santa Clara Co. will be coming out with 10 items about this matter soon and the public must comment on this matter which will be reviewed by the Zoning Administration Dept. no firm meeting has been set up. BACE needs to fight this the water will eventually go into the aquifer and the water companies will have to deal with the over treatment of the water. Lehigh is also putting this treatment plant on shaky ground and there is earth quakes to think about the treatment plant will also open the door to Lehigh applying for a permit to mine 600 acres and destroy 30 thousand trees this will also displace and kill many animals and wildlife that live in the woods. I have notified the Mid Pen Dist. about this and the animals will run into the preserve to save their lives from the loggers. The trees that are to be cut down provide oxigen to the valley and if they are gone the air quality will be much worse please help me to stop this from happening. URGENT MATTER!

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