Mercury Impact

Mercury and Its Impact upon our Neighborhoods

There are many issues at stake.  The following are brief descriptions of the issues which also involves land use controversies and a bit of history with links to more detailed information and discussions.

Mercury in our Midst

Mercury is a powerful neurotoxin (Facts about Mercury) which when inhaled or ingested can cause neurological, respiratory and other health complications.  In recent years Lehigh has ranked #4 highest CEMENT PLANT polluter of mercury in the nation.  A more recent document from Lehigh (HRA, Table 4 page 9) reported them producing 1,284 lbs* of mercury instead of 523 lbs as reported to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) (see Table below) changing their ranking from #7 to #2 highest emitter of mercury in the nation.  This puts in question all their reported mercury data to regulatory agencies.  Below are Lehigh’s self reported mercury output and national ranking history according to the EPA (example: EPA Facility Report of Mercury for 2010):


Year Ranking Mercury (lbs)
2010 3 613
2009 3 427
2008 3 587
2007 7 238
2006 5 496
2005 7 523*
2004 5 497
2003 6 420
2002 6 452
2001 6 500


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