New Open Pit Mine

New 210 Acre Open Pit Mine

Lehigh included a new 210 acre open pit mine South of the current quarry as part of the current Reclamation Plan (see Reclamation Plan) [latest information is that Lehigh will submit a separate Reclamation Plan for the new open pit mine].  Lehigh expects to run out of limestone in the near future.  Lehigh is also applying for a 20 year Land Use Permit, renewable every 20 years, to mine limestone from this new pit.

There are many in surrounding communities who believe that expansion of mining is not acceptable due to the toxic pollution and greenhouse gasses generated by the kiln and trucks, noise pollution coming from the quarry, dust produced by the mining process, and the unsightly scare clearly visible to many residents and hikers.

The cost in health care and lives due to toxic and dust emissions from could be high (see what the Santa Clara Medical Association and EPA have to say about this).  Good health is one of the highest priorities in life, surpassing money for most.

A public hearing will be held towards the end of 2011 or early 2012 to allow for public comments.

Lehigh New Quarry documents – Amended Reclamation Plan complete document set – very large files

New Quarry would be on the extreme left side (not visible) of current craterlike
open pit mine shown above and almost the same size when fully excavated.
[Photo courtesy jores]

New Open Pit Mine



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