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    1. Glossary – Glossary of Names, Terms and Abbreviations used on this Site

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  • Our Concerns Understanding the Issues; introduction to the issues

    1. Calendar of Events – Calendar of events and important dates.

    2. Update History – Historical Updates, Benchmarks & Announcements of significance listed by date

    3. Documents – Excellent Reference Sources all in one place.  Contains extensive links to documents about all relevant topics organized by subject or agency

    4. Links to other Sources – Important Links.  Links to regulatory agencies and other organizations

  • Toxic Pollutants

    1. Mercury Impact – Mercury in our Neighborhoods – about the mercury pollution issue

    2. Mercury Facts – Facts about the affects of mercury exposure affects to health

    3. Mercury and Population – Lehigh’s proximity to large population

    4. Health Risk Assessment – Understanding the Health Risk Assessment used by regulatory agencies and it flaws.

    5. Central Stack – Need for Central Stack for Lehigh Cement Plant – A technical discussion (letter) why Lehigh needs to replace its 32 rooftop vents with a Central Stack for better monitoring of pollutants and safer dispersion of pollution.

  • Violations

    1. Lehigh NOVs – Lehigh Cement Plant’s Notices Of Violations (NOV) – a list of all known NOVs from all regulatory agencies

    2. County Deficiencies – State Mining Board Review of the 45-day Notice to Correct Deficiencies Sent to Santa Clara County, Issued April 19, 2006 – California Mining boards notice to County about numerous deficiencies.

    3. New Open Pit Mine – About the proposed new 200 Acre Open Pit Mine and Vested Rights

  • Permits

    1. EPA Proposed Rules – EPA’s original proposal for toxic emissions from cement plants

    2. EPA New Rules – EPA’s final rules for toxic emissions from cement plants

    3. Title V Permit – Lehigh’s Title V Permit issue

    4. Lehigh Reclamation Plan – Lehigh’s proposed Reclamation Plan

    5. Reclamation Plan Documents

  • News

    1. Articles – over 100 news articles about the topics discussed on this website.

    2. Videos and Audios – Video and Audio media clips about topics discussed on this website.

    3. Photo – Main Photo index page – interesting photos including Lehigh Cement Plant and Quarry

  • About Us – About our organization

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