File a Complaint

Please report complaints or issues to the appropriate agency, then send us a comment letting us know what agency you contacted and why, so that we can create a public file of complaints. Thank you.




Contact: Peder Eriksson

Agency: Santa Clara County Environmental Health Department

The Santa Clara County Environmental Health Department has jurisdiction over noise issues. If you hear unusual persistent, high pitched, nuisance noise please file a report.



Air and Odor 


Agency: Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD)

A regional dispatcher will answer the phone. Tell them you are reporting excess emissions coming from the Lehigh Southwest

Cement Plant on Stevens Creek Blvd in Santa Clara County. BAAQMD will send an inspector to the facility.

You can make an anonymous report, but if you give your name and phone number the BAAQMD inspector will call you back with his or her findings.

The cement plant and quarry should have very little, if any visible emissions, so if you see clouds of dust, or large plums of emissions from the central stake or elsewhere on the property please call the hotline and if you can, take a picture.



Water IMG_0093_2



Agency: San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board

Permanente Creek traverses the Lehigh property, running very close to the quarry then down  through Rancho San Antonio Park ( the bridges into the park from the parking lots cross Permanente Creek). It then heads east through Los Altos under Hwy 280 roughly following Miramonte Rd. through Mountain View to the Bay. Check the water quality in the creek as you cross the bridges into Rancho San Antonio. If there hasn’t been any heavy rain in a couple weeks and the water is turbid or milky like the picture opposite it  maybe an indication that something up stream is wrong and  should be reported at the number above.




408.630.2927Lehigh Quarry

Contact: Marina Rush, Lead Planner

Agency: Santa Clara County Planning and Development Department

Santa Clara County implements and oversees the State Mining and Reclamation regulations. Where Lehigh dumps its overburden or mining waste is strictly enforced. If you notice any unusual or illegal dumping of overburden by Lehigh please report to the county.